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Comprehensive Car Maintenance Checklist

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Investing in your car means ensuring it runs smoothly every time you turn the key.

Instead of waiting for your next service, here's a comprehensive car maintenance checklist to help you keep your vehicle in top condition. When it's time to replace components, We offer a wide range of service parts to keep your car running efficiently and safely.

1. **Oil Levels and Filter**

  • Regularly check your oil levels and the condition of your oil filter. Keeping your engine clean and preventing harmful materials from entering is essential.
  • Park on an even surface, turn off the engine, and wait a few minutes.
  • Examine the dipstick (a yellow rod with markers) to check the oil level. Ensure it's within the recommended range.
  • Replace the oil filter if it's in poor condition and allowing pollutants to pass through. Follow these steps for replacement:
  • Place an oil drain pan under the car and locate the filter.
  • Use a filter wrench to loosen the oil filter counterclockwise.
  •  Remove the filter by hand and apply a small amount of oil to the gasket.
  •  Securely hand-tighten the new filter. Ensure it's in place correctly.

2. **Spark Plug**

  • Spark plugs are vital for igniting your engine when you start your vehicle.
  • Over time, they wear down with each start, requiring increased voltage for the next start.
  • Use a ratchet or torque wrench to safely remove and replace spark plugs.

3. **Air Filter**

  • Air filters prevent debris from entering your engine and maintain the right temperature for various systems.
  • Signs of a faulty air filter include a smoky exhaust, which can lead to MOT failure.
  • Replace the air filter if you encounter these indicators. It's often located behind the glove box.

4. **Wiper Blades**

  • Wiper blades are essential for visibility while driving. Keep them in good condition.
  • Replace wiper blades every six to twelve months as part of your regular car maintenance.
  • Using fresh wiper cleaner can help keep your windscreen clear.

5. **Bulbs**

  • Working bulbs are crucial for visibility when driving.
  • Periodically check your bulbs by switching on the lights and indicators.
  • Before replacing damaged bulbs, ensure they are compatible with your car.

6. **Brakes**

  • Car brakes typically last up to 65,000 miles, and signs like squeaking indicate the need for a check.
  • Test the brakes for squeaking, grinding, or unusual sounds.
  • Consider brake replacement parts that match your car's specifications.
  • Bleed your brakes if they feel soft or if you notice a fluid leak.

7. **Interior & Exterior Mirrors**

  • Clean your car's wing mirrors and interior mirror for clear visibility.
  • Replace wing mirrors with significant scratches or damage.

8. **Tyre Pressure**

  • Over or underinflated tyres can affect car handling and strain other components.
  • Use a pressure gauge to check and adjust tyre pressure to the recommended levels.

9. **Car Battery**

  • Car battery issues can lead to breakdowns.
  • Recharge the battery with a charger, or replace it if damaged.

10. **Cooling Liquid**

  • Top up the cooling liquid (antifreeze) to maintain the engine's temperature.

11. **Car Horn**

  • Ensure your car horn is functional to alert other drivers and pedestrians.
  • Test the horn; if there's no sound, it might need replacement.

12. **Check for Rust**

  • Rust can cause significant damage if left unaddressed.
  • Take your car to an engineer as soon as you spot signs of rust. Repairs may require special tools not readily available.

Regularly following this car maintenance checklist can help keep your vehicle in excellent condition and ensure a smooth and safe driving experience.

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